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19 Jan 19 January 2014
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Guidelines in Planning Your Corporate Event Catering

A party that is well planned will run smoothly and flawlessly. The food and drinks are served and cleared away immediately, and if you take a look around, you will not see any kind of mess. This is the result of careful planning and preparation. Yes, the design and decors at an event can make things flow smoothly, but what really makes a party fabulous is the ability of the catering company itself to determine all the factors involved in it. In case you are planning to host an event and would need the services of a good corporate catering company, you can visit website of a national corporate corporate caterer here. Meanwhile, here are several things you need to keep in mind in order for your party to flow perfectly. 


Whether it's a huge corporate event or a small office party, your primary concern should always be the space of the venue. When planning the space, you don't want to end up with one that's too small so that your guests can't move about comfortably, or one that's too large that they get lost in it. As a general rule, you have to make sure every person has at least 2.5 square feet of space, especially if it's a stand-up cocktail reception. For round tables, make sure a table that can seat 10 people get a 10-foot square space.

Staff and Equipment

Whether you like it or not, the staff at your event can make or break your party. A party that doesn't have enough staff to take care of the food and the guests can turn into a disaster in no time. To properly staff your event, you should have a person in charge to oversee or supervise the event. Along with a supervisor, there should be one one waiter per 25 to 40 guests, 1 bartender for 70 guests, and enough number of chefs depending on the size of the party.

Sufficient equipment is also necessary for a party to turn out great. As much as possible, prepare the proper amount of equipment such as china and glassware for your event so that your staff won't have to spend most of their time washing dishes. More often than not, people get second helpings at parties, so it would be a good idea to double the number of china you are preparing.

Food & Beverages

Any party should be overflowing with food and drinks. For a pre-dinner cocktail event, there should be at least three pieces of hors d'oeuvres per guest. For buffets, the caterer usually sends portions of each of the food item per guest, since guests would pick a little bit of each food item more often than not.

For beverages, you have to keep in mind that not all of your guest would consider the food as the highlight of your event. To plan a bar that's adequately stocked, keep in mind that an average person would consume a minimum of three alcoholic beverages and a maximum of six. However, that is just an estimate and you would never really know until the event. For that reason, it is a good idea to have more drinks on hand. This would mean preparing at least 1 bottle of wine per two persons and one bottle of beer per individual.

As you can see, planning a corporate event takes a lot of time and effort. But if you can keep these things in mind, there is no way you won't have a party that's wonderful and truly memorable!

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